Grace – recognizing God’s presence in our lives

A Modern Catholic Theology of Grace.

(Reference: Elizabeth Dryer, Manifestations of Grace)

How do we identify the presence of God’s grace in our lives? If something is “of God” then it will have these characteristics…


• We experience Grace in our relationships with God and with other people. Grace is part of each person because we are all made in God’s image so Grace can be experienced through the unconditional love others show to us. The love of parents and grandparents can often be how we experience God’s grace.

• Grace can be experienced in our relationship with God as we feel the presence of God’s unconditional love and forgiveness present to us.


• Grace is not earned or deserved it is freely offered to all people, good or bad.


• Everybody gets the chance to be saved because there is only One God and One Salvation.

• Grace is part of the physical world because it is God’s work and therefore filled with God’s presence. So we can experience the presence of God in and through nature.


• Grace is such a wonderful experience that we automatically want to share it with others. It draws us out of ourselves and into the community.

• If we experience something that makes us ashamed for others to know, that causes us to separate and hide, then it is not “of God,” it is not holy.


• Grace has the power to change our lives, to bring about a complete change of heart. When we accept the gift of God’s grace into our hearts we are made new.

• The change may be temporary or it may be life-long, that is up to us.


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