The death of Robin Williams

“Williams’ death exposes us, however briefly, to the reality and risks of mental illness. As we mourn him, let’s take this moment to speak honestly about mental illness and offer support to anyone who is struggling with it.”


4 responses to “The death of Robin Williams

  1. Claudine MacInnis

    The day that Robin Williams died of suicide was a very sad day indeed. He represented life at his fullest. He represented joy.. happiness and laughter. He had a way of making people around him happy. The day he took his life will be with us forever.. Where were you when you found out? What were you doing? Well… Robin Williams was a favourite of my four sons. They loved him, his work, his humour. We were home when we found out… we were all in shock already as the same morning… our youngest son took his own life. We were all in such denial that this was happening and then we found out that Robin Williams.. a man that we all admired so much had just done the same thing. While people were mourning the loss of such a great actor, such an accomplished man… there we were mourning the loss of our 18 years old son who had not yet had time to live.. time to love.. time to be a man. He had his life ahead of him and due to mental illness, which we were not aware of at the time, took his own life. He left behind his 3 older brothers, us his parents, plus all his extended family and so many friends.
    Like Robin Williams, Tommy knew how to make people happy, how to make them laugh. He had a way, a look for whomever he met that made them feel better. He could cheer people up without even trying. He was a beautiful young man, smart and witty, full of life. He was tall and handsome and had such an amazing smile. He was such a kind soul, didn`t want to see bad in people, He loved animals of all kinds. The world knew about Robin Williams, only our world knew about Tommy.. but the loss of this child was the end of our world as we knew it. There was no mention in the news, on tv or otherwise except for the city newspaper on the obituary page for the funerals announcement. But life as we knew it from that moment on has never been the same. There will be more suicides, more deaths, and people will go on with their lives.. but for us it will never be over. Every day is a struggle to try a make a new normally of this life without our son. We accept the prayers and thoughts of everyone.. the comfort words.. and we appreciate all the kindness that has been shown to us. God knows how much we have needed it. With no offences intended to all the wonderful people that have surrounded us since.. only people who have lost a child of any age to suicide will ever understand what we have been going through.. the devastation that this has caused our family can only be understood by someone going through the same thing. People say that there are no words.. without knowing how right they are. There are no words.. because all the words in the world could not describe how crushed we have been. I hope that Robin Williams met with my son on the other side. I am sure they would be fast friends for they had so much in common. There was only one Robin Williams… There was only one Tommy. Our Tommy! We love you always and forever.

    • My breath left me as i read your story. Your son sounds so much like my Malcolm. My heart hurts for you. I hope some of my writing will help you feel that you are not alone, that someone truly understands you.
      My prayers go out to you and your family – it is a long road ahead but it is possible to survive. Even though sometimes it feels as if it shouldn’t, life can go on.

      • Claudine MacInnis

        Dear Mona.. it`s unfortunate that people should meet under such horrible circumstances,, I wish we had something else in common than our sons taking their lives. I don`t know much about Malcolm.. as I just stumbled on this site completely by pure luck, but if your Malcolm was anything like my Tommy.. We were both very blessed with amazing sons that were taken way too soon. My mind tells me that he is gone but my heart waits for him to come home every hour of every day.. specially at night where I find it nearly impossible to go to bed.. waiting for a text from him to ask me to pick him up or to tell me that he has a ride home.. With all of my heart I want to believe that it will get easier.. and yet if it gets easier will it be because i am slowly forgetting him… Noooo! That can never be!!!

        • Claudine, oh I understand completely. The day I realized that it didn’t hurt as much, that I had managed to forget for a few minutes and enjoy something – that realization was so painful. I used to “see” him, or just his face, or his hands, or his hair, on another person and it hurt but I longed for it. Then I stopped “seeing” him and that hurt more. So the process of healing hurts in its own terrible way, too. But after a while (quite a lonely while) he sort of moved inside me, and I didn’t feel the loss as much as I felt the presence…if that makes any sense. And I can laugh at things that would have made him laugh and even “talk” to him about his brother. It doesn’t stop hurting it just stops hurting the same way or with the same intensity all the time. Feel free to keep chatting here or email me directly:

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