Percy Quin/Flint Creek

Ah, summer. The expectation of a week of sweating and eating (more so than usual that is even for New Orleans in June). And James is going to be there, awesome!!!!  And Nick … also awesome. 

It’s our 20th anniversary of the summer cabin adventure. 20 years of fishing (not catching), cooking, story-telling and writing, skit night (to be resurrected this year), squabbles and sunburn, antique hunting, flashlight walks, water-skiing, poker, Trivial Pursuit, pampering night, “Shut the God Damn door!”, Dawg, Miss Shirl, Mr. Malc, lightning storms, shooting stars, gloop, and Intermission. I can’t damn wait!!! We are even getting TShirts again this year  — thanks Becky Boo.

And Malc will be there sitting with the uncles, drinking beer, sharing stories, and fly-fishing in the setting sun. We might not see him right away, but he will be there just out of our range of vision, his giggle mixing with the family sounds around the camp fire and always, always in our hearts.

Hmm, hmm good!!!

Come on guys get organised!

That’s better…smile! Say “My baby don’t fart.”



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