A Week of the Weepies

It happens! A week or two when I can’t seem to stop crying. And it happened last week. Too much going on. But most of it was really good stuff, so it is annoying that I got so sad/depressed. The truth of the matter is, when the family gathers as we did last weekend there is a heightened awareness of Malcolm’s absence. Family gatherings were the times he treasured. He was insistent that traditions be kept going: Mardi Gras morning, the week at the State Park. He would have loved the Saints games parties, and he would have been the first to organise a kegger for his brother — home from the Middle east. 

Malc, we had two parties this past weekend, you would have loved it. Jesuit won; the Saints won. TJ and Jenny hosted a party at their apartment. TJ works at a bank now. Can you believe it? TJ a corporate type — but he loves it. He’s learning investment banking and he and Jenny have a wonderful apartment.

Your brother misses you, TJ misses you, Becky misses you. But we are able to look at pictures now and smile, even if we cry, too.

2 responses to “A Week of the Weepies

  1. So sorry you are having a bad week. Sending healing thoughts and hugs your way.

  2. Mona, thank you for sharing this, thank you so much… I am going through this very thing, they say it gets easier in time but for me the pain and sadness lingers… Gentle hugs to you

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