Making Peace with Life

O Life,
How oft we throw it off and think,–’Enough,
Enough of life in so much!–here’s a cause
For rupture; herein we must break with Life,
Or be ourselves unworthy; here we are wronged,
Maimed, spoiled for aspiration; farewell Life!’
–And so, as froward babes, we hide our eyes
And think all ended.–Then, Life calls to us…
Still, Life’s voice!–still, we make our peace with Life. 

                                                   Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Aurora Leigh

I read this today in a used book in a second-hand bookstore. It is strange how we can come across answers we aren’t looking for in places we weren’t planning to be.

Life can call to us when we are at our lowest point, ready to give up, but maybe the call doesn’t come in time. Or maybe some are just not able to respond to Life with hope. There were some days in the past three years when I felt, “enough, enough of life,”  but I somehow managed to keep moving, keep breathing. Now I feel my response to Life is, yes. It doesn’t feel like I am being disloyal to Malcolm any more to choose to stay here. I suppose I am making my peace with Life. I think Malcolm would approve.


3 responses to “Making Peace with Life

  1. I, for one, am so happy you managed to keep moving, keep breathing. Not only do I think Malcolm would approve, somehow I would like to believe his love guided you to the place you weren’t planning to be and the answer you didn’t expect to find. May we all dwell in peace and love.

  2. I’m sure Malcolm would approve too. He didn’t end his life to hurt you, even though it did. He was a lost soul. He wouldn’t want you to blame yourself. I feel for you momma. Time does help the healing. You will always miss him but it won’t hurt so bad every time. Please take care of you. (I know you don’t know me) I’m not sure how I stumbled onto your blog but I have been following you ever since.

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