Father’s Day

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, the celebration of parenting.  For Mother’s day the grammar school usually had the kids do special presents. Father’s Day was always in the summer so it got short shrift. I feel bad about that, but the boys and I usually did a pretty decent job ourselves. We did have a good tradition of having special breakfasts together on the special days…birthdays and such. And now the boys aren’t home with us it is a bit of an effort to keep that tradition going.  But we each deserve our special days, so Mal and I try to make an effort with birthdays, but Mother’s Day and Father’s Day just don’t work any more. Yet we do it nonetheless, each one trying to get the other through their day. Spending time with Mal’s mother helps because it gets us out of our own heads, at least it helps me. I hope it helps Mal.

Malc, you need to help your dad through tomorrow. Help him remember the many, many times he was a good dad, and not the times he wasn’t. Help him be kind to himself. He misses you so much, and he’s so hard on himself.


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