Highs and lows of grieving

It is a cliche to talk about living with depression as a roller coaster ride, but cliche or not it’s true. And grief feels like depression in this way. There aren’t real “highs” so much as incredibly intense moments of joy when one recalls and shares a memory, a story, an event. But such joys are a double-edged sword  (another cliche) because as intense as that moment of bliss is, that crest of the roller coaster, the intensity of the the following fall is magnified exponentially, as the realization of the loss hits one’s psyche like a punch in the gut. And like a roller coaster ride that goes through a pool of water, you are left feeling breathless, submerged in sadness, wondering if you will have enough energy to complete the ride, enough air to take you through to the next stretch of track.


One response to “Highs and lows of grieving

  1. A Mother who has lost a son has every smile followed by a tear, do we ever stop missing them, no, each day that passes I miss him more. I worry about him everyday, I mourn him everyday, everyday I shed a tear for me because all I want is one more hug, one more I love you more, one more smile, one more fart, just one more day of him but the reality is I would not be happy with just one more day, I want a lifetime of my Son, it is not suppose to be this way, my heart was not built to handle this sadness or emptiness…. Those who say it will get better have never lost a Son.. Thank you for your honesty and for sharing, I hope you know how much you have helped me through the dark days when the storm hits and drenches me with my own tears, thank you. Hugs, Ronda K Beyer

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