When Children Leave

Son number two, our #1 #2, leaves for the start of his career today. Another loss of a different kind. When I stole a sniff of his abandoned shirt this morning I didn’t have to worry that I would be left with only a lingering musk on his clothes to remind me of him. He is alive and well and will be coming home for the holidays, at least sometimes. And other times we can go to him. As I cried my way to work it didn’t feel much different, less intense but it still hurt.  But then every beginning with my sons felt like a loss: their first day with a sitter; their first day at pre-school; their first day at high school. And going away to college? I was a weepy mess.

There is no avoiding the pain of loss when you have children. They are always making to leave you: whether it is for their first day in day care or their first day as an executive. But that is as it should be. And if I have done a good job he will want to come home and visit and not feel the burden of having to.

I love you, my #1 #2! Be happy, be healthy, be safe … and call your mother occasionally!


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