Making a Difference

Someone’ s suicide makes the survivors feel helpless, hopeless, angry. Why didn’t they let us help them? Why didn’t they let us know? We can’t help them any more, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help someone else, maybe even help lower the statistics.

My youngest son has set up a Facebook page where people can donate to support The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention instead of buying him a present for his birthday. Doing something constructive feels good.

Wishing everybody Peace this weekend … Mona

One response to “Making a Difference

  1. Hi
    I stumbled on your blog and can truely say I found it inspirational.Having lost a close childhood friend to suicide (amongst others) the only way I could overcome the grief was when I realised that,ok,He is dead but I still love him,a subtle change in thinking. It is not that I used to love him when he was alive but the love didnt end then. in seperating the loss from the love I feel (present tense) I came to like the feeling of love and it overwhelmed the loss. Maybe his spirit goes on, I dont Know but the feeling of love for him is alive and beutifull. I hope this makes sense as its hard to explain.
    wishing you well and admiration for your younger son.

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