We looked through boxes of photos tonight. It was wonderful to see Malcolm smiling and remind ourselves that he was happy and he was loved and he had some great times. My husband had commented the other day, Did Malcolm ever smile like that? on seeing a toddler beaming with pure joy. And the answer is, yes, of course he did. And thankfully we have lots of photos to prove it to ourselves whenever we doubt it again.

A child is never just happy or just sad; life is never just easy or just difficult. And it is trite to say it will get better, because I am not sure it will. But it will get bearable, I hope. There will be more happiness and there will be more sadness. That’s just the way it is.

One response to “Photographs

  1. Mona,
    The picture on this page is so adorable. What a beautiful smile. I have been keeping up with your pages and you have such insight. I know you are helping people whom you haven’t even met.
    Love to the family,

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