Saving my son

With Hurricane Gustav poised to enter the gulf, we left New Orleans today and evacuated to my brother-in-law’s in Atlanta. Packing up for the trip was a very different experience from the Katrina evacuation: this time I couldn’t take comfort in knowing that, whatever we lost, my sons were both safe and that was all that mattered. Friday, as I looked around his room I realized my oldest son was not coming with us this time, and all that I had left of him, all his clothes and his knick knacks, all that remained of his smell, could be lost forever. A panic came over me. What could I save of his? What did I want to take with me? And the answer was crushing: I wanted my son; I wanted to save him from harm. And that was the one thing I could never have. But then another thought came to me. Nothing could ever hurt him again. In that sense he was safe, forever. And he was with me, forever.


One response to “Saving my son

  1. Never truer words were ever said. His pathway to greater glory is complete. He will never have to face the despair, anxiety, stress of those left behind. Mona, I truly hope your evacuation went well and was as stress free as possible.

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