Love and death

The day after my son’s funeral seemed worse than the days after his death. I couldn’t do anything for him any more, I couldn’t take care of him any more. For five days I had still worried about him, shopped for clothes for him, knew that I would see him at least once more. Then we buried him. And I don’t know how to love him any more.

Christians are taught that real love is expressed in one’s actions; doing for another without concern for one’s self. So how can you continue to love someone after they die if you can’t do anything for them? Is sentimentality all that there is left of love? There has to be something more.


3 responses to “Love and death

  1. Tough question. Where does the love go? I am grappling with the answer myself.

    But I do trust that my Jenna is alive, just not here. And that she can see and hear me, though I can’t see and hear her. I tell her that I love her often, though that can never take the place of a hug and a kiss.

    I will feel this void until the day I die, but I have the hope that I will meet her again then, and what a joy that is going to be! A life-time does seem looooooong to wait, through.

    Praying for peace for you…

  2. They no doubt teach you something with their life; its best to pay tribute by remembering, do the best to act from that knowledge and teach it to others. Its actually a very fitting comparison to the whole Christian scripture.

    You may not see him and will long to hold him, but he doesn’t have to be any further from you than you hold god.

  3. i know it isn’t easy for you to move on but you have to.. it’s the only way to clense your feelings.. don’t hesitate to realize what is the truth cause the truth will set us free..

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